## YEAR 2145 ##
The last Bitcoin has been mined. Centralized institutions were restricted decades ago. All that remains is the faint echo of a dark past.
Life in the metaverse was peaceful, with an abundance of plant and wildlife existing together in perfect harmony. This all changed in an instant, the day the most powerful solar event ever witnessed shook this world to its core.
Current system of peace and order collapsed as the metaverse descended into a wild and primitive state. They called this event, 'The Great Reset.' This was a blessing in disguise for those corrupt enough to take advantage.
A small group of shadowy elites immediately took advantage of this calamity. They used widespread panic as an excuse to establish Martial Law and founded the criminal organization notoriously referred to as the "CCC" (Centres of Centralized Control).
In mere months, the CCC had strangled the world's economy, leaving the working class ravaged and damning its population to a lifetime of servitude.
A small caste of hardened warriors which call themselves "The Old Order" have successfully restored a few nodes already, and work tirelessly day and night to recruit more rebel soldiers as they amass their army.
The time has come to return to the battlefield once more and claim that which is yours: FREEDOM. POWER. DOMINION. GLORY.
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