Trading Warriors $TWAR Token

Trading Warriors has a 100% player-owned, real money economy. $TWAR is an ERC-20 governance and utility token for the Trading Warrior ecosystem. $TWAR holders will be able to receive rewards from community treasure, play the game, and participate in key governance votes.
Trading Warriors' LvL Up model is a major factor within the $TWAR ecosystem. Each Warrior will need to spend $TWAR in order to LvL Up; those tokens will be burned. With the exponential growth of players playing in game leveling up their Warriors to level 50, the burning rate of $TWAR will also keep on increasing accordingly, creating a deflationary trend of token economy. All of this will make $TWAR more valuable over time.
Our goal with $TWAR is to balance and align incentives between the players of the game and the holders of the project. The mechanisms described above have two main goals:
● To reward players for interacting with the Trading Warriors game while simultaneously incentivizing them to hold on or burn their tokens so they can obtain more participation in community fund profits.
● To decentralize the ownership and governance of Trading Warriors.
We want Trading Warriors to become a project truly owned and operated by the community that plays it. This opens up a huge number of possibilities but must be approached gradually in order to ensure a correct development and strengthening of the entire game, economy and community.
Token contract on Polygon Network: 0x2474F56746f36A66cF96A85d44877a2B8cdFEA2a